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Leading others

  • Communicating a vision
  • Utilising values in an organisation
  • Assertive and trusting styles
  • Giving bad news
  • The tools of motivation

Managing personal time and talents

  • Achieving priorities
  • Protecting "priorities"
  • Working productively with others
  • How to make intended change permanent

Selling ideas internally and externally

  • Winning and retaining clients
  • Understanding real needs and hidden agendas
  • Making solutions attractive
  • Committing others to action
  • Overcoming objections to proceeding

Making persuasive presentations

  • Presenting naturally,
  • Structuring a persuasive presentation
  • Handling questions persuasively
  • Creating an impact

Negotiating successfully whilst maintaining relationships

  • A structured approach for preparation
  • Drawing out the other party's goals
  • Selling the benefits of the proposal
  • Trading without caving in
  • Closing skills

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